Privacy Policy

Please note that exists to deliver honest reviews and analysis of the online casino industry. To that end, we want to be up front in stating that we will refrain from collecting any personal information unless it comes from you, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Direct submissions of personal information to require consent.

The personal information that we possess is most commonly used to enhance Improving the user experience is a fundamental reason why we operate the site, which is why information can also be used for responding to queries.

Some of the most common information fields that we gather include name, age, date of birth, address, postcode, and email. But please note that personal information is not restricted to those fields.

How We Use Information

To reiterate, your personal information lets us improve This is made possible because user information enables us to understand how people feel about our site. Understanding how they feel will subsequently guide the changes we make. Examples of possible uses of information include website content, internal records, and special casino deals.

Making Alterations

Now we have to make you aware that we have the right to alter and amend this privacy policy as needed. Checking the policy regularly is how you to remain aware of its current contents. All personal information held by will only be subject to the current privacy policy.

External Links reserves the right to include external links in our content. But you need to be aware that we have no responsibility for any privacy policy outside of You are subject to the privacy policy of the external when you follow any of our links. Therefore, our recommendation is that you read the privacy policies of those sites. We can take no responsibility for any personal information that you share, whether knowingly or unknowingly.


Your continued usage of and your acceptance of our privacy policy signify that you do not object to receiving communications from us or our associated partners. You are also signifying that you consider none of our communications to be in breach of your rights as outlined by the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999.

Information Disclosure will be compelled to disclose personal information for the purpose of maintaining our legal obligation to government organisations and law enforcement agencies. Information can also be disclosed if we feel compelled to protect our users, our employees, and the various systems we depend on to operate the site.

In appropriate usage of is another case in which we reserve the right to disclose personal information to authorities.

Data Security

Technical measures and security policies have been implemented, to a reasonable extent, to protect all of the personal information gathered by All reasonable efforts within our power have been undertaken to safeguard against data breaches, improper disclosure, loss, destruction, and unauthorised access.

Please get in contact with us if you require any clarification regarding the contents of our privacy policy. We are here to deliver an honest user experience.